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FBI PREMIERE: Drift into REZI's intoxicating new single 'Pull Up'.

Do it. Pull Up. We insist.

Buffalo, New York based producer REZI brings us his latest masterpiece titled Pull Up. This track is also our first glimpse at his upcoming album.

This is one of those tracks that's so good it had me digging through old messages to relisten to the private stream link over and over. REZI first gave the world a preview of Pull Up in his BACKUP 2023 ID showcase mix that dropped at the beginning of January. Ever since, this tune has been living rent free in our heads.

Pull Up starts off swimmingly with a bouncy, melodic intro. The first drop then hits with an explosion of energy.

The bounciness of the into is carried along with a gritty bassline. The second drop is just as heavy and enticing, making this song a certified dubstep banger.

"Pull Up was actually inspired by the capybara meme from 2022," REZI explained. "Every time I saw one of those memes I would just think about how much it would kill as a pre-drop vocal. One day, I finally sat down to develop the idea and I'm so glad I did because this has become one of my favorite tracks."

Photo by @justiceandrews

Pull Up is REZI's first official release of the year, following his 2022 EP with MorFlo Records. It is also the first single off his forthcoming album dropping this fall.

"This entire album is the cumulation of over a year's worth of music, and in my eyes is the most cohesive project I have created to date," REZI said. "I really think once it's all out it will really solidify the sound I've been creating for the REZI project."

With this hot of a track releasing as the first single for this album, we are beyond stoked to hear what's to come. In the meantime, Pull Up stays on repeat.



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