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Felmax, Blaize unleash a barrage of sound with 'Black Hole' EP

The EP, accompanying Felmax and Blaize's tour, is finally out on Rude Service Records.

Felmax and Blaize have proven that they should not be underestimated with their latest release.

The Black Hole EP, out now on Rude Service Records, features three weapons that blend different genres into a seamless body of work. This EP accompanies their 14-date North American Tour, that started in Texas on May 12 and ends in Tennessee on July 22.

These tracks have been proven to whip crowds into a frenzy at recent performances, encompassing everything listeners love about modern-day bass music.

“The Black Hole EP is a perfect blend of both our styles borrowing elements from riddim, tear out trap, and a whole lot of bleepy bloopies,” Felmax said.