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Freaky and Blaize drop debut release 'Coupe' on Gridlock Records

Duo open the butterfly doors in catchy new hybrid trap banger

Freaky and Blaize teamed up on a large collaboration that just released on the newly founded Gridlock Records. Freaky had a huge 2020 with releases like Wobble Back with Chassi on Subsidia Records, Hit A Lick with HAY! and BLUPILL on HEAVYWEIGHT RECORDS, and of course Murder with PLSMA, which even got played out by Excision. Blaize has also been on a roll, recently launching Gridlock Records and staying busy with both digital and in-person appearances in the south.

Freaky said the theme for the album art and track is mostly based around the drop vocal “OOOH BUTTERFLY DOORS ON THE COUPE, BASS IN THE BACK GO BOOM!”

The artwork perfectly captures the duo's hell-raiser vibes, and may even be the first hint at more joint projects to come -- perhaps even a tour, Freaky hinted at.

"We wanted to visualize the theme with a two-door sports car and myself and Blaize sitting on the car acting a fool, with the butterfly doors open, and leaving the city blown up," Freaky said. "This track is heavy and will no doubt shake any speaker or city we play in, it's the perfect theme and backdrop for our joint tour we are planning."

We saw Gridlock Records emerge in mid-February through a series of Tweets. Blaize described it as a label where Gridlock Management artists can always go for a release platform.

"We’ve recently opened our doors for other artists to send demos in as well," Blaize said. "Coupe will be our very first track of the label and I believe it has the capability to really drive Gridlock as a whole."

In what took only just a day to complete, according to Freaky, he and Blaize have been working together for a while now. They are both on the same Gridlock Management team roster.

"Too many times when collaborating, an idea will sit too long, then you will end up scrapping the project or idea," Freaky said. "Me and Blaize work well together."

Freaky and Blaize hosted the #CoupeChallenge, calling for fans to submit video clips of the bumping Coupe for a chance to win free march. We love to see the reaction videos.

We are keeping a watch on both Freaky and Blaize, expecting big things to come from them both this summer and beyond.

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