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Ft. Lauderdale fam: LOUIEJAYXX, RZRKT, announced for Jan. 2023

South Florida stays hot, even in the winter, with OneVibe, who plants a tree for every ticket purchased.

OneVibe is bringing the Rise of Atlantis in 2023 and kicking it off with rising dubstep stars, LOUIEJAYXX and RZRKT, in 2023.

While the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale scene has typically been tailored to house and techno, it's surprising that this heavy of a lineup is being announced. OneVibe Presents seems to be the hero we always needed and deserved in Fort Lauderdale.

This January 13, 2023 show features Texas heavyweights LOUIEJAYXX and RZRKT, with support from upcoming riddim cowgirl from Denver, THRASHA. Local support for the show includes Benzo, Xenon Dream, Emote, and Saskay.

The show will take place at Stache Ft. Lauderdale on a Friday night. The promoter, OneVibe, has a mission of planting a seed for every ticket sold, and they've planted 4,222 trees so far.

They're also working with Carbon Limit to bring carbon-neutralizing technology into the event space, aiming to have carbon negative festivals and events.

All four of these artists have been paving a path forward and will emerge as leaders in 2023.

LOUIEJAYXX is known for their heavy, yet unique, production style that includes an EP, 'Endgame', which dropped on Subsidia Records earlier this year. They have also played at Bass Canyon, Lost Lands and will be going back-to-back with RZRKT at Day 3 of the Thunderdome show in February 2023.

RZRKT just dropped a song called INCOMING with LAYZ on the fabled Bassweight Records. And THRASHA is a rising dubstep producer out of Denver who has played to sold-out crowds, including direct support for Sippy last month.

OneVibe's core values, in addition to sustainability, are to inspire people to be their best selves and to grow awareness of the talented pool of artists around the country.

"OneVibe is grateful to bring LOUIEJAYXX and RZRKT to Fort Lauderdale and showcase the next generation of dubstep sound" said Mr. ONEVIBE.

OneVibe truly stands out and said they are hoping to inspire other promoters to use their own events to heal the world through music.

Stache Ft. Lauderdale is going to be the place to be for every headbanger in the area. We will continue to investigate these artists, as well as OneVibe Presents, for more information.


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