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G-REX and Sully's 'Fusion' EP encompasses highly anticipated hip-hop-influenced tracks

Emerging as a fan-favorite duo, the last three songs are finally out on Wakaan Records.

G-REX and Sully have become two shining stars on Wakaan, dropping mysterious and encompassing tracks that cater to the label's most experimental fans.

After releasing the first two tracks of this collab EP over the last two months, G-REX and Sully are back, this time with the full Fusion EP on Wakaan Records. This five-track EP is filled with tunes that will bring the listener to a head nod the whole way through.

The first track off the EP is Back it Up, combining a pairing of hazy vocals and a cinematic, haunting drop blessing listeners' ears. Along with commanding frequencies to legendary baselines, this track was released last month and served as a daunting preview of the entire EP's tasting menu.