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NotLö drops full ‘Hallucination Effect’ EP on Wakaan

The rising experimental bass queen struck yet again with her latest three-track EP.

NotLö just dropped the Hallucination Effect EP, with a feature from across the globe, a blend of respected sounds and three movable beats. Recently known for bending genres, NotLö has incorporated dnb, experimental bass and halftime into one full package on Wakaan Records.

After the release of her title track single, Hallucination Effect at the very beginning of August, NotLö has come out with two other tracks on this EP.

One features a much-anticipated collab with UK-based producer Mythm. MAD does a nice job of sharing the blend of each of their respected sounds and allows listeners to move along with the beat.

As for the last track, Dimensions, this is a super-fire halftime track that will have listeners dancing and full-sending into a late-night sound camp in the woods. The FBI team can’t wait to be able to experience it one day soon and hopefully see NotLö throw down in the woods.

After speaking with Mythm about that NotLö collaboration, and the process behind it, we discovered some of their creative inspirations.

“I started the tune and then sent it over to her and then we went back and forth and boom, it was done in a couple of sessions,” Mythm said.

I also had the chance to speak with NotLö about what it’s been like working with Wakaan Records, the artwork and the story behind the EP.

“I absolutely love the Wakaan team, the people working behind the scenes, and of course Liquid Stranger,” Notlo said. "They are constantly pushing forward new music which is something I strive for in my project. We will definitely continue to work together."

She spoke very highly of the Wakaan team, stating that them constantly pushing forward-thinking music which is what she strives for in her music is one of her fav parts. Also that she and her team will definitely be continuing to work with Wakaan in the future.

For the artwork, NotLö went with one of her best friends and Denver native Logan. Also known as Poopbrain art, the two are also working on some touring visuals right now!

"In my mind, it is displaying the Hallucination Effect," NotLö said. "You see happy, dark, beautiful and frightening elements. In the end, all of those elements tie in the beauty of life.”

As a team, the FBI believes in these vibes. She also mentioned that this is not your typical cover art and said it ties into the theme even more.

"My whole project is about breaking the mold as well as being inclusive beyond the music."

As we turn into the last four months of the year, I asked Notlö what else we can expect from her for the rest of the year. She said: Multiple festivals, a collab with ENiGMA Dubz, the Conrank collab as well. She also said that she is in the process of finishing her next self-released EP, which is coming soon. Expect the FBI to have a pulse on that release.

If you want to catch NotLö and hear these tracks from the EP anytime soon, here’s where you can catch her here:

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