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Hydraulix defies imposter syndrome with massive 20-track album on Wakaan

Over a year after his last EP, Hydraulix is back with an inspiring message for creators.

Hydraulix has a message for all of the content creators who are doubting their abilities: Keep pushing and growing as a person and artist.

His new album titled Imposter Syndrome is no exception to excellence. He channels inspirational messages that prove he squashed the feeling of being out of place, a textbook definition of Imposter Syndrome.

With 20 tracks, the album is fully loaded with bangers that incorporate a mix of genres and collaborations with artists such as Oski, Jasiah and Wifisfuneral.

Having released five singles before the album, Hydraulix has had us waiting with bated breath as he teased glimpses of what would finally be released on Wakaan Records.

Some artists have so much talent that you never fail to recognize their work. Hydraulix is one of these artists, frequently producing a wide variety of tracks both on his own as well as with big names such as Doctor P, Nitti Gritti, DJ Afterthought and many more.

Having been a regular on Wakaan Records as well as appearing as support to Liquid Stranger himself, Hydraulix has toured all throughout the U.S. as well as Australia and parts of Europe. Playing festivals around the world like Electric Zoo, Rampage Belgium, Lost Lands and most recently Bass Canyon, Hydraulix has no shortage of accolades to his name.

Imposter Syndrome, both an experience and a body of work.

Imposter Syndrome itself is not something new for Hydraulix. "I have always struggled with the feeling that I had no idea what I was doing half the time or the feeling of not deserving my success and accomplishments."

When COVID-19 hit in early 2020, Hydraulix's tour got cut short and he was forced to go into lockdown in his home base, Australia. It was a difficult time for him but he set out to create something that truly tested him and his production skills.

"I feel like everyone who does anything creative can at some point suffer from Imposter Syndrome, it’s such a common feeling that I’ve shared with many other people, the overthinking and overanalyzing can lead to feelings of doubt on your skills or your ideas. I’m really proud of how Imposter Syndrome has come together, and I'm forever grateful for the people who have supported, pushed and inspired me to keep growing as an artist and a person.” he said.

Imposter Syndrome is a true masterpiece, and showcases Hydraulix's skill and producing capabilities being pushed to their fullest extent.

After witnessing his Electric Zoo set this past weekend, Hydraulix has proven that he has no intentions of backing off his grind anytime soon. The Dubstep FBI team is excited to see how he pushes boundaries and defies expectations once again as he continues forward in his career.

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