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LYNY drops mysterious and high-energy track 'Face' on MorFlo Records

The rising star showcases a unique twist on hard hitting freeform bass music with new release

22-year-old LYNY, also known as Alec Leinhauser, just blessed us with a new record, 'Face', which exemplifies his unique take on hard-hitting freeform bass music. Describing it as "one of the weirdest records I've ever made", LYNY showcases his talent in combining unconventional sounds and bits of audio in a structured way. The track opens with an ominous, filtered intro that immediately sets the tone for the energy and suspense that follows.

As the track progresses, LYNY takes listeners on a sonic roller coaster ride with captivating sound design and driving bass-lines that leave them with a blast of adrenaline. The track's call-and-response flows and use of "negative space" culminate in a climax that emulates the feeling of dropping down at high speeds on a massive theme park ride.

"I started the LYNY project in 2016 with a vision and goals in mind as I wanted to start fresh on a project with direction," said LYNY. "It’s been a non-stop grind of learning the art of production, focusing on creating my own sound, and making tracks that are unusually unique while stressing on keeping them high-quality and clean."

LYNY's growth as an artist has been remarkable, and he is pushing the boundaries of EDM production by combining cutting-edge sounds with melodic compositions. His approach to bass music draws heavily from hip-hop and trap beats, with a splash of R&B. His skills have landed him placements with Tobi Lou, Lox Chatterbox, and svrite.

In addition to Face, some of LYNY's standout tunes include 'Jump Bros!' and 'Freak!' which showcase his versatility and ability to touch on various genres while still progressing his sound to a unique place. With the release of his heavy-hitting EP 'Dash' and collaborations with Bailo, LoJ, and Dabow, LYNY has earned major support from industry heavyweights such as Marshmello, Louis The Child, and PEEKABOO, as well as labels like Majestic Casual and Lucid Monday.

LYNY is set to play shows all over the states with Boombox Cartel — don't miss your chance to catch LYNY as he continues to make his mark on the bass scene.


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