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Make a descent into madness with Barely Alive’s New ‘Casket Case’ EP

The EP’s unparalleled energy offers a glimpse into Barely Alive’s upcoming ‘BETTER OFF DEAD’ tour in 2024

Barely Alive is topping off a successful year with their latest EP, Casket Case. The aptly named EP showcases the production duo’s signature synthwave sound combined with hard-hitting bass production, a style they’ve gotten down to a science.

This latest release comes ahead of Barely Alive’s tour, which set to begin in January.

Casket Case dropped on the esteemed Bassrush imprint, once again solidifying the production duo’s legacy in the bass community. Bassrush, known for pushing the envelope in dubstep and beyond, has had a long standing relationship with Barely Alive. This latest EP is part of their growing roster of releases with the label.

The four-track EP packs in the fury right from the start, kicking off with a ferocious opener, Big Ivan. The track features a slow and grandiose build, igniting a sense of burning anticipation and exploding into a chaotic drop.

From there, the Casket Case springs into a more playful energy with its leading single, Headshot, featuring rapper Mikey Caesar. The song incorporates a funky synthwave alongside Mikey Caesar’s effortless flow, followed by a seamless transition to an obliterating drop.

Sky High is a collaboration with beastboi that has us at the edge of our seats. Featuring high-pitched synths, transcendent vocals and an upbeat wave of energy that could only ever be replicated by Barely Alive, the song descends into a breakneck pace followed by whiplash-inducing drops.

Double Dare is reminiscent of classic Barely Alive. The track elicits feelings of uneasiness and an omen of doom before a distant vocal sample, “keep the crowd pumping,” signals an intense foray into a thrashing percussion and eruptive switch up. The song finishes off with a pounding techno beat, seemingly retreating into the darkness.

Casket Case perfectly encapsulates the sheer insanity that’s known as Barely Alive.

For those hoping to witness the madness in person, you can expect to hear these tracks played out in Barely Alive's sets in their upcoming tour.

BETTER OFF DEAD is set to hit major U.S cities including Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Atlanta, Montreal, Orlando, Philadelphia, among many others over the next few months.


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