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PhaseOne unleashes anarchy in new Sounds of Mayhem: 'Uprising' 2 

Uprising 2 features artists like PhaseOne, Nosphere, Kill Feed, ECRAZE, Teddy Killerz, Chassi & Micah Martin, with upcomers like Gl0bal, JAIRU, Free Fall, Reverend, Skxlvtor, Figure, Scafetta & Dahlbeats. 

For the past three years PhaseOne has released annual megamixes called the ‘Sounds Of Mayhem’ consisting of unreleased music from himself and peers.

PhaseOne decided to take the idea a step further this year and set out on a mission to unearth the heaviest sounds known to man when he founded Sounds of Mayhem Recordings

Making it official, mayhem was never a phase. 

With PhaseOne leading the charge, the label promises to redefine the rocktronic genre and provide a platform for artists pushing the limits of mayhem. 

Originally from Sydney, Australia, PhaseOne’s distinct sound and deep understanding of metal has quickly found him a niche in the hardline EDM landscape. 

Sounds of Mayhem: Uprising 2 features appearances from artists such as PhaseOne himself, Nosphere, Kill Feed, ECRAZE, Teddy Killerz, Chassi and Micah Martin.

The compilation also includes up-and-coming artists such as Gl0bal, JAIRU, Free Fall, Reverend, Skxlvtor, Figure, Clomp, Phvge, Adam On Earth, Scafetta, Dahlbeats and Smokey.

From the first second to the last, the compilation is nothing short of a symphony of filth. 

PhaseOne was generous enough to bless us with a new song on the compilation, a collaboration with Nosphere titled Brunt

Brunt features intense metal breakdowns with unique guitar riffs that are truly only found in PhaseOne productions. 

Nosphere, hailing from Hungary, identifies as a “noise architect” and CEO of darkness. Brunt beautifully features his cutting edge bass design with the intense sounds of mayhem provided by PhaseOne

It is a collaboration to behold. 

Among the headlining tracks on the compilation is Pain, by Chassi, Free Fall and Micah Martin

The song was featured as a pre-release from the compilation and truly captures Micah's epic vocals and pairs perfectly with Chassi’s full-sounding production. Pain is an especially unique track in the compilation as it features both heavy and melodic elements and drops. 

The compilation also features the collaboration Get Up, by Teddy Killerz and Zardonic

Get Up was also featured as a pre-release from the compilation – it’s a truly unique song that metal and bass fans will resonate with. With soundbites of “moshpit” and catchy, brutal basslines, this track will set dance floors on fire. 

Both Teddy Killerz and Zardonic have torn through conventional musical boundaries and broken into dance music communities all over the globe.

Their track, Get Up, perfectly encapsulates what these artists are all about. 

It will be fun to see how PhaseOne forges yet another niche within EDM as drum and bass continues to gain momentum in America. 

PhaseOne has additionally announced an event in partnership with Space Yacht called Sounds of Mayhem

The event, scheduled for Thursday, December 21st in Los Angeles is a FREE RSVP event featuring a secret lineup. 

It’s truly a can’t-miss event for the biggest and heaviest dubstep fans in Southern California.


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