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Rude Service drops 'The Really Big One' Compilation in preparation for Lost Lands

Featuring 11 artists and a lot of madness – you can say this comp is, indeed, a REALLY BIG one.

photos of all artists on the release

Let's be real... size does matter, and the bass gods have certainly blessed us with something colossal. It's called The Really Big One, which just dropped on Rude Service Records.

Packed to the brim with 11 tracks, this release is so massive that even Godzilla would be left awestruck. It features insanely heavy tunes from some of dubstep's biggest young superstars, including Fransis Derelle, FOCUSS, RZRKT, Stoned Level, Vastive and many more.

The timing of The Really Big One compilation couldn't be more perfect because Lost Lands Festival is just around the corner, taking place Sept. 22-24 at Legend Valley in Ohio, with two days of pre-parties.

The artists featured on this compilation are performing live at Lost Lands! If you're anything like us, you've been counting down the minutes until those speakers start thumping.

We've come to know and love Rude Service because they constantly feature underground producers and give them a platform for discovery. Some of the hottest dubstep songs of the year have been released on the label.

The mastermind behind Rude Service, Bear Grillz, expressed his excitement about the release, saying,

"In honor of Lost Lands being our favorite time of year, we decided to put together something special for the festival," Bear Grillz said. "We're hoping to make this an annual thing with whichever artists on the label are playing. I'm so excited to get this out to showcase so many amazing artists from across the world."

This statement summarizes the spirit of The Really Big One compilation - celebrating the bass community and the festival that brings them all together.

photo from lost lands wompy woods

As Lost Lands kicks off next weekend, be sure not to sleep on these incredible artists – peep their SoundCloud profiles below:


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