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Ruvlo and Slushii melt brains w/ 'Invaders From Mars' on Monstercat

Two years in the making, the highly anticipated track is finally here alongside Ruvlo's Monstercat debut.

With Invaders From Mars being a staple in bass sets over the last year, the track has already made an impact on the dubstep community. Combining Ruvlo's virtuosic production with Slushii's legendary talents, the song's three drops grab and mercilessly pull us in to the bass.

Once you hear the track, it's unable to keep it out of your brain. Its attention-grabbing introduction peaks our interest until the drop blows us apart with grimy bass.

Whether you're playing it for friends or a festival set, it's certain to get that sought after "ooh" from the crowd as it drops.

"This is one of my favorite songs I've ever made- it's an all around fun bass song that is sure to make the crowd go crazy," Ruvlo said.

The excitement around releasing this track was palpable, and it's been a long time coming. Ruvlo told us, "it's been a long two years, but I'm so excited to finally put this song out."

Ruvlo has been taking the U.S. by storm lately, traveling all across the country playing shows. After his incredible Lost Lands set, we are chomping at the bit to see him again.

Coming in hot off his recent release with Wreckno called Gymnastics, he continues to impress with this new track on Monstercat, and the sky is the limit for what we imagine from him in the future.

Whether it's in Ruvlo's home state of New York, or across the country, there will be no regrets heading out to see him perform.

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