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sfam stays pushing boundaries with latest ‘Forefront’ EP on Wakaan

Experimental sounds paint the way for a deep festival future

As the experimental bass scene is on the rise, few have cut through the noise like the New Orleans duo sfam. Their latest EP drop entitled Forefront, on Liquid Stranger's Wakaan Records, has us wooking out in a forest of sounds.

These minimal, trap-beat producers are leading the unique low-end evolution, and have lifted themselves into the spotlight. Emerging out of the recent darkness, sfam has an onslaught of show appearances on the docket: Several include spots include Insomniac's Forbidden Kingdom (June 11-12) and more impressively, the Rezz Rocks lineup at Red Rocks Ampitheatre in September a show we will be sure not to miss.

From deep dark sounds to mysterious bass lines, the FBI team has had sfam on our Most Wanted List for a few months now. Comprised of Jacob Hoerner and Michael Pearson, both have positioned themselves as one of the most impressive and innovative new acts in bass music.

Bringing in support from industry tastemakers such as UZ, Denver local Dirt Monkey, Kai Wachi, Toadface and more, our inspections have uncovered sfam's new wave of bass and it's sticking like glue.

While pushing boundaries in all of their tunes, sfam blasted above and beyond the norm with the Forefront EP. Taking inspiration from their love for heavy bass and minimal trap, a dark, distinct sound of unique, original beats was formulated into this hauntingly new take low-end waves.

"We love collaborating with other artists, but decided to keep this one all us," sfam said, as this was a solo EP (without any collaborative support). "We think it's always good to show what we're capable of without the help of other artists."

They also mentioned wanting to get back on the tour circuit -- a relatable theme, across the board among the FBI's most detained artists.

"We made these tunes while we were touring, so every time we listen to them, it gives us a lot of good memories," sfam said. "We hope to get back to making more of those show memories soon."

As their music continues to evolve with every release, we anticipate sfam is locked and loaded with an arsenal of unreleased music for the remainder of the year.

It looks like 2021 is set to be their true break-out year, and we can’t wait to see what else they got for us for the rest of year.

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