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Six masked riddim artists will battle in Mesa, Arizona on December 16

The world debut of Joust is coming, alongside Chango, Mongrel, Sanzu, VKTM and 7 for the Nightmare Before Xmas Battle Royale.

Some of the hottest riddim artists in the game will be playing in Mesa, Arizona this month.

Chango, Joust, Mongrel, Sanzu, VKTM and 7 have been on the rise. Not much is known about them at this time, but we've seen them explode in popularity this fall due to their powerful live performances.

Now, they're playing a massive underground riddim show on Saturday, December 16 with Eleventh House Presents, Paragon Threat Management and Iande.

This event is part of the Battle Royale series hosted by Eleventh House, it's a series done every other month to promote epic back-to-back sets. The event on Dec. 16 also serves as the world debut of a new masked artist, Joust, who we've been told is a close friend of them.



Joust (world debut)





"Our team has been excited to present a show like this, as we have been having great results with our novelty battle royale shows," said Channler Palmer with Eleventh House.

Chango's monkey-themed brand has become widely known after performances at the Forbidden Kingdom pre-party (with Sanzu) and at his recent Your Mom's House performance in Denver.

Little is known about Joust, but the character emerged about a month ago and has dropped one song on SoundCloud called KNOCKED. Mongrel and others were tweeting 'Joust' in what appeared to be a show of support.

Mongrel has what we see as the scariest mask of them all. His brand is based off the term itself, which means a dog of no definable type or breed. We saw him perform b2b with Sanzu at DubStation Massacre in Chicago in October.

Sanzu and VKTM have become our heroes after we saw them perform one of the best sets of 2023 at the Dubhub x Submersive Renegades at Summoning Festival. We will forever crave another experience like that.

7L is a duo who redefine riddim in classic formats, while having unmatched energy over the crowd. We saw mouthwatering clips from their performance b2b with Chango at Florida's new Kemistry Nightclub; now's your chance to catch them in Arizona.

It's not every day that you get a tasting platter of riddim delivered straight to your town. Don't miss Nightmare Before Xmas in Mesa, AZ on December 16.


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