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Volt strikes Welcome Records with five-track 'Rattle Your Bones' EP

From movie-score vibes to heavy drops, Volt smashes listeners with genre-bending sounds.

In a fitting wave of Friday the 13th heat, Volt just struck Welcome Records with an electric set of tunes. The Rattle Your Bones EP encompasses five tracks, including the title track Rattle Your Bones with Slushii and a Destroy VIP.

Based in Los Angeles, Australian producer and DJ Rod Dawson, known within the bass community as “Volt," has been making his name in the American bass scene with no signs of slowing down. With positive hailing from the reputable Basshrush, and other well known publications, this international bass maven solidifies his mark on the American Bass music scene.

"When writing this EP I wanted to make every song feel like a movie score vibe,” said Volt. “I wanted each one to take you to a different world from the intro of the songs. Similar to how a movie takes you away from the day to day life; I wanted this EP to do the same and then smash you with heavy drops."

Kayzo's Welcome Records empowers artists who are pushing boundaries and opening new doors musically. The label creates new opportunities and provides value to artists through musical releases that expand across all genres, while enriching artist repertoires.

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