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Whales and Qoiet bare their hearts with 'Hearteater' out on The Reef

Known primarily for their heavier tracks, Hearteater showcases Whales and Qoiet's ability to create a more raw and emotional tune.

The crooning vocals draw the listener in from the start, revealing how well Qoiet's talent works with melodic dubstep. With two distinct drops, with the second hearkening back to Whales' and Qoiet's heavier influences, the track grabs your attention and doesn't let you go as it tells a tale of getting your heart taken advantage of.

Whales and Qoiet make a great duo, and you can hear the distinct styles of each artist highlighted at various points of the track.

Wanting a change of pace, the artists revealed to us that “We wanted to be more vulnerable and we were able to keep it true to our roots while incorporating these cool pop-punk