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JEANIE, MADGRRL get rebellious via 'Friends With The Dead' on Welcome Records

Fusing sounds, the experience combines metal, hard psy & dubstep with new twists.

Embodying the hybrid music style that Welcome Records is known for, Friends With The Dead can be enjoyed by fans of multiple genres, having something for just about anyone.

This song marks the debut for both female artists on KAYZO's label, which seems like a match made in heaven given the various metal, psy and dubstep tones of this release.

When asked about the track and working with each other, JEANIE and MADGRRL had this to say:

"It was super fun to incorporate our love for metalcore into a track with both of our styles. The crowd reactions have been absolutely insane so far and I’m excited for everyone to have it," JEANIE said.

"I've always loved the idea of fusing hardstyle and other genres of music, especially dubstep. So working with JEANIE was super dope because she was 100% for the cross-bending genre route when it came to the creative process," MADGRLL told us.

Both JEANIE and MADGRRL continue to impress with each new release. As they continue to play sets across the country, and in JEANIE's case most recently at RAMPAGE Belgium, their success is inspiring and bodes well for other women in the scene.

Friends With The Dead is now streaming on all major platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud.


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