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LAYZ storms the new year with her debut EP on Bassweight Records

The 'EYE OF THE STORM' has arrived and it's giving us flashbacks to rail-riding at Lost Lands.

A lot can happen in a year.

It's not often you see an artist go from nearly undiscovered to the hottest thing on the internet in a matter of one-to-two years — Yet, that's exactly what LAYZ has done.

We will never forget when we asked her to be a guest on our all-female, Twitch live stream back in April 2020. Since then, she's demonstrated an amount of growth that is rarely ever seen in this industry.

Today, her debut EP has been released on the fabled Bassweight Records. The EP features her massive collaboration with RZRKT, alongside two other completely fresh tracks that she's been rinsing out live.

EYE OF THE STORM fits with her dynamic branding — the metaphoric natural disaster stomps speakers with its heavy dubstep songs. All three song names align with the storm branding she's been pushing over the last few years.




Since the RZRKT collab was released a little over a month ago, it's amassed over 50,000 streams on Spotify. Impressive looks for both rising artists.

LAYZ brought RZRKT out to play this and their other collaboration on the Lost Lands mainstage during the Thursday pre-party back in September. The hype surrounding her EP has been rumbling ever since.

The other two tracks on the EP follow the LAYZ signature sound.

SURGE ominously begins with a rumble and distant clicks. "In the eye of the storm, nobody can escape from a surge of lightning..." a deep voice begins. The song aggressively drops into a rail-snapping experience.

TEMPEST, aptly named after a windy storm, features more pit-opening bass that overcomes our minds with flashbacks of the crowd during her Lost Lands set.

As far as we're concerned, LAYZ has caused an absolute natural disaster to the bass music world. Not only has she proven that females can hang with the baddest boys in bass, but that she can curate a community of die-hard fans who will support her to the grave.

EYE OF THE STORM is available now on all platforms.


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