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Plunging into Shanghai Doom's 9-track LP, 'Dark Waters'

The duo just dropped eight solo tracks and one collab with Leet.

In nearly one year since their last project on Wakaan, Shanghai Doom is showcasing their deep-diving talent with a 9-track LP. They are submerging us into the depths with nearly all solo tracks and just one collab in the collection titled Dark Waters.

The featured eight solo tracks and one collab plunge listeners into the sonic depths of the deep unknown.

Since their initial Wakaan debut in November of 2020, they released a collab EP with Esseks titled Soul Stone. Shanghai Doom has had a pretty busy 2021 with releases across several labels, including the Power Generator EP on Cyclops Recordings. Dubstep FBI dove deep into coverage of that release (check it out).

They are familiar with some of the biggest labels in the game, including Subsidia, Bassrush, and Underdog Records. The boys have stayed busy and this is truly proving to be the breakout year for them. This has given them solid traction heading into 2022.

I had the chance to speak with Shanghai Doom about the inspiration behind the album, the artwork, story behind the EP and what it was like working with Wakaan Records.

They stated that the inspiration for the album came from numerous places.

“From the more minimal, dark sounds of deep dubstep to the energy of big festival tunes, we wanted to craft an album that hit all the different genres of bass music," Shanghai Doom said. "A consistent theme that we kept coming back to was tunes based around water,” they said.

For the artwork, Shanghai Doom went with The Firm Graphics, who has designed for clients such as Zeds Dead, Bassrush and Lost Lands.

“It sets the perfect vibe for the album visually,” Shanghai Doom said. “It’s pretty much what we imagine it would be like to traverse the deep dark waters of the earth. Something is always lurking.”

Shanghai Doom is no stranger to Wakaan Records, referencing it as one big family.

“Working with the Wakaan team for this album was the ideal match for us. In our eyes they have been one of the leading bass labels to really showcase full bodies of work,” Shanghai Doom said. “From Liquid Stranger to LSDream to Esseks. They have really allowed artists to explore further.”

They also shouted out Leet, the artist who has the lone collab with them on this album. “His sound fits perfectly within the world of Dark Waters and his work has been inspiring up since we first worked together back in 2019,” they said.

This 9-track piece of work truly showcases the cutting-edge production style of Shanghai Doom, and they are sure to keep growing with music like this. They have a few more tour dates this year, so catch them at these locations:

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